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Let Us Create a Complete Site For You Before You Sign Up.

Just click the YES, PLEASE! button, and we’ll craft a comprehensive website for your church, pulling content from your existing site and incorporating your specific instructions. This comes with absolutely no commitment required from you.

Welcome to Divinity Sites

We are Divinity Sites, a team of dedicated servants with a passion for turning the tide on declining church attendance.

There is powerful technology now affordably available to re-engage with a population yearning for spiritual nourishment. Let’s use it.

We also advise on how to use that technology effectively for your unique case. Proper and rigorous use of the big 3 (Website, Email, Social Media) is critical. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With an amazing team of designers along with breakthrough technology we’ve developed, we can create unique and beautiful sites very quickly and easily. We choose to pass that advantage on to our churches.

We know that many churches are not satisfied with their current website, but don’t want to take a chance on a new system that might not be worth the time and expense for a change. 

We are based in California and Wisconsin. We’ve been in the church website field in various forms for over 15 years and have amassed great knowledge in the domain of church outreach through the most relevant medium of our time – the one you’re looking at right now. Let us show you what we can do.

Fill out a very brief form, and we’ll set up a 15-minute phone conversation to find out more specifically what you’d like to see in your new website. We’ll then send you the site, and you decide if you want to sign up.

That is correct. We’re confident that if you’re at the point where a new site is important to you, based on our super low prices you’ll like what you see. But if not, there are no hard feelings, and no hard sell. We’ll remove the site, delete your contact info and move on to others in need!

All site design, set up, logo creation, essential content transfer, formatting is free. Our hosting cost is $24.99 if you pay annually, $34.99 if you pay monthly. See pricing page for details.

Need a Beautiful Logo For Your Church?

We provide you with a proof sheet full of beautiful custom designed logos to choose from – totally free.

Incredibly EASY to manage.

  • When we hand you your new site, everything is set up and ready to go live.
  • Only pay if you like what you see.
  • You get a free 40-minute zoom call with us to walk you thru managing.
  • Ongoing prompt and friendly phone support as needed.

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Our mission is to empower your church with strategies that expand its congregation and enhance its financial stewardship, thereby expanding your church’s capacity for impactful ministry.

There are hungry souls out there that are craving a connection to something deeper than the material world can give. We believe that with proper outreach, making use of the technology of that same material world, we can follow the profound commission of Matthew 28:18.