Beautiful, Effortless Websites for the Faith Community.


We are all too familiar with This Graphic

We don’t need polls to tell us that there has been a decline in weekly attendance. The question is: Can we reverse it?

We believe we can.

Churches must USE technology.

In order to reach seekers (who ARE out there), we must vie for their attention where it’s largely concentrated. The key formula for a compelling campaign consists of three core components: 

1. A well-designed website.

2. Effective outreach strategies through EMAIL and SOCIAL MEDIA.

3. Convenient online giving options.

These 3 components working in concert WILL bring results. We can help.

1. A Great Website.

We have this one covered! This is obviously our wheel house, and we’re excited to share it with you. What is LESS obvious, is what makes an effective church website. The keys are:

1. Great imagery

2. Smart Navigation

3. Coding that is google-friendly

On our initial call with you, we’ll explain our approach.

2. Proactive Outreach.

You may have a Facebook page, and you may have an email list. But are you using them to maximum effect?

Effective Facebook presence means expanding the reach of who sees your posts.

An effective email campaign should be beautiful to look at, with automated reminders sent on Saturday and Sunday morning to keep your congregation engaged.

On our initial call with you, we’ll outline these points in greater detail.

3. Convenient Online Giving.

What if online giving was as easy as a donor entering a PIN number direct from your website? We have found that giving goes up.

1. One-click ability to send you donations.

2. Ability to deploy mission-based and need-based donations.


On our initial call with you, we’ll outline these points in greater detail!

We look FORWARD to speaking with you.

There is no obligation on your part. Let us create a complete site for you. THEN you decide if you want to sign up. No risk. Much to gain. Let’s get started.